8 typical dutch glutenfree snacks you should try!

Visiting a country is not only about sightseeing but also about culture. Part of the culture is of course the food! The dutch cuisine is not very famous, but some Dutch glutenfree delights you definitely have to try.

1.  Haring

Glutenvrij Haring
      Absolutely my favorite is the raw herring. It’s served on a typical Dutch way with unions and pickle. How to eat it? Just take the fish with your fingers by the tail and eat it! It can be served with bread as well. So ask for a herring without bread and make sure they use clean cutlery. Yum Yum!

     2. Drop    

glutenvrij drop typical dutch
      A typical Dutch candy is drop. This product is originally not glutenfree but when you walk in to the Albert Heijn supermarket and buy any suikervrije (sugarfree) drop, they are glutenfree. This candy is delicious and moreover works when you have a sore throat. 

3. Stroopwafels
   This is a typical dutch cookie. Unfortunately not glutenfree, but you can find
   them gluten-free in the supermarket chain Ekoplaza from the brand Lieke is vrij. See the picture.

glutenvrije stroopwafels

4. Pancakes. 
The dutch pancakes(pannenkoeken) both famous and delightful. The Pancake house in the Berenstraat offers glutenfree pancakes. They are always on the menu, so just walk in!
glutenfree fries

5. Patat.
The typical dutch fries are one of my favorites. My favorite place to get my portion patat is located in the Heisteeg. They have glutenfree mayonnaise available as a topping as well!

6. Cheese 
What is a visit to the Netherlands without eating cheese? This delicious dutch food is glutenfree! There are several shops in Amsterdam where you can try and buy cheese. Try the Old Amsterdam, one of my favorites! 

gluten free cheese

7. Stamppotje
A typical Dutch meal is a stamppotje. This is mashad patatos with some mashed vegetables. A shop called Stamppotje is located on different spots in the city and sells freshly made portions of different sorts of traditional Dutch ‘stamppot’. Don’t get any gavy with it because this is mostly not glutenfree.

glutenfree typical dutch

8. Bitterkoekjes
In the supermarket you find cookies called bitterkoekjes. They are made from almonds, sugar and eggs. To be honest, they are available in Italy as well.  So it’s not only typical dutch, but a natural glutenfree cookie is absolute worth a try.

Dutch cuisine



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