There are three main supermarket chains in Amsterdam, which sell gluten-free products. They are called the Albert Heijn, Ekoplaza and Marqt.

Albert Heijn is the biggest supermarket chain of the Netherlands. If a product is gluten-free they have (almost all) a gluten-free sign. In the bigger supermarkets they do sell gluten-free bread, pasta's and other products.
Some locations in the city center:
-Behind the palace at Dam square. 
-At Museumsquare

EkoPlaza is an organic supermarket. They sell all kind of gluten-free products. There main brand which is gluten-free is called Lieke is Vrij.
Locations near the city center are:
-Haarlemmerdijk 160
-Waterlooplein 131 
-Elandsgracht 118

Marqt is also an organic supermarket which sells a lot of gluten-free products.

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Unknown said...

LarSeeds from Amsterdam is also deliver gluten free millet, but as far as I know they deliver on wholesale basis. cheers;-)

Unknown said...

forgot to add larseeds website

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