Gluten-free breakfast in Amsterdam.

gluten free breakfast amsterdam
During the holiday season I get many questions about where to have gluten-free breakfast in Amsterdam. The following tips might help you out.  

-The Hema:  a well known store in the Netherlands offering gluten-free breakfast/lunchboxes. The boxes are 5,- and include gluten-free bread, milk, cornflakes and a cereal bar.
Locations: Kalverstraat 202Nieuwendijk 174 open Mon-Sat 09.00

-The famous Bagels en Beans with gluten-free bagels. The place opens at 09.00, check this blog for all their locations.

-Piqniq opens at 09.00.

- And for a late breakfast check out Beter en Leuk.

If anyone knows good options for a glutenfree breakfast before 09.00 please let me know!

Recommendations from readers:
-Yoghurt Barn for some yoghurt as breakfast
-Ysbreeker offers gluten-free sandwiches and is open from 08.00. 

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