Coffee & Cakes @ two for joy

This Sunday I had a relaxing day with my mom. We started our day at two for joy at the Haarlemmerdijk
I got a tip from someone who knew they offer gluten-free cakes. They had a gluten-free orange almond cake and gluten-free brownies. They both were amazing and delicious! Such a good treat. However, it was a pity that they do not have any gluten-free bread so I had a salad for lunch. Besides that, everything is perfect. Two for joy has a relaxing atmosphere, a range of good magazines and they serve great coffee. A perfect way to start your Sunday.
Later that day we enjoyed lunch at Cotton Cake again. Such an amazing place. My mother ordered the gluten-free bread with olive oil and butter, which was really tasty and she got 5 slides of bread! I ordered the (gluten-free) sandwiches with roast beef and avocado, which was also delicious. It took a while before we got our food, but the waitress told us that they clean the whole kitchen before they prepare the gluten free sandwiches. This gave me a really save feeling. They absolutely know how to deal with gluten-free J. I am even more enthusiastic about this place than I already was! 

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